School Information

Our motto: Strive to shine: as a student, as a friend!

Our mission statement: The Peirce School provides a safe, nurturing and challenging school environment in which students strive for academic excellence. The faculty and staff, with the cooperation and support of parents, prepare students to be caring, responsible, and industrious citizens in a diverse, multicultural world.

The Peirce School encompasses a diverse school population: students come from the Peirce district, from other Arlington districts through open enrollment, and from the Boston city schools through the METCO program. While our class sizes are comparable to other Arlington schools, our total student population of approximately 280 students means that we are a close-knit community.

At Peirce, there are two to three classrooms per grade. Each classroom has one full-time teacher and, depending on class size, may have a teaching assistant. One special education teacher works with the grades K-2 classrooms, one works with grades 3-4, and one with grade 5. The special education teachers co-teach with the classroom teachers.

Our teachers and support staff use proven methodologies and a highly effective curriculum to help children grow academically, socially, and physically. We regularly participate in professional development in order to improve our skills and offer a better learning experience for the children.

Peirce School practices and encourages Peirce Pride: Perseverance, Effort, Integrity, Responsibility, Cooperation and Excellence. At monthly assemblies, different grades present stories based on these themes to reinforce the ideas behind Peirce Pride.

History of the Peirce School

The original Peirce School was built in 1924 and demolished in 2001. The new building opened in January 2003. The school stands on land that once belonged to John A.P. Peirce, and was dedicated in 1924 in honor of Captain Solomon Peirce (1742-1821), although the official name is Peirce School. Captain Peirce was an ancestor of John A.P. Peirce and served at Bunker Hill in the Revolutionary War. He is buried in the Old Burying Ground on Pleasant Street near Arlington Center.

The school’s name and the family’s name are often misspelled as Pierce; the incorrect spelling even appeared on one of the street signs for Peirce Street (which is several blocks away from the school) for several years!

Thanks to Richard A. Duffy for historical information.

Peirce School Weather Station

The weather station is mounted on the roof of the school above the art room. It measures wind direction and speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and relative humidity. It runs on solar power and transmits data to a console that can be moved among classrooms. The station was purchased by the Science and Math Enrichment Committee with a grant, and is used by students throughout the year.

You can watch a video about the weather station on YouTube; thanks to Carl Elder and Ruth Smolash for making the video.