K and 5 – 11:00 ( 5th outside first in at 11:20, K eats until 11)

2nd 11:10 outside first in at 11:30 (K has to be out at 11:30)

4th 11:20 outside first in at 11:40 (5th has to be out at 11:40)

3rd 11:50 outside first in at 12:10 (2nd has to be out 11:50)

1st 12:10 outside first in at 12:30 and out by 12:50

Lunch period includes recess.

All lunches include milk, bread, fruit, and veggie. Lunch (including milk) costs $3.00, and milk alone is $.60. Free and reduced price lunch applications are available online and in the school office.

Breakfast is $1.00 and includes muffin or cereal, plus fruit, raisins, juice, and milk.

Current elementary school lunch menu (opens PDF)

Lunches are nut-free, and there is a nut-free table in the cafeteria.

You can prepay for lunches online or with a check:

  • To prepay online, go to the mySchoolBucks web site and follow the instructions there.
  • To prepay with a check:
  1. Make the check out to “Town of Arlington – Food Service” and put your child’s name and class in the Memo line.
  2. The check can be in whatever multiple of $3.00 you want (standard is $60 for 20 lunches). The lunch folks will keep a running total and send a note home when you run low. They will debit only when your child buys lunch, so you can send in lunch from home whenever you want.
  3. Put the check in an envelope marked “Food Services” and send it into school in your child’s folder.