Arrival and Dismissal

Kindergartners line up on the first day of school

School Hours

The school day begins at 8:10 AM, when the first bell rings, and ends at 2:30 PM. Every Tuesday is an early release day at 1:00 PM.


When the first bell rings at 8:10 AM, kindergartners line up by class on the kindergarten playground near the front entrance and enter the school through the front door, and grades 1-5 line up by class on the large playground near the cafeteria and gym and enter the school through the back door. Please do not bring dogs onto school property while children are here.

In case of inclement weather, grades K-2 assemble in the gym and grades 3-5 assemble in the cafeteria. Parents are asked not to come into the cafeteria because of space limitations.


At dismissal time, 2:30 PM, students are released in the following manner:

  • Kindergarten – Teachers escort the students to the kindergarten playground and dismiss them to a family member or designated adult.
  • Grade 1 – Teachers escort the students out the front door toward the science garden and dismiss them to a family member or designated adult.
  • Grades 2-5 – Students are released through the rear doors by the large playground.


Children who arrive after the second bell has rung at 8:15 must report to the office. Kindergarten students will wait in the office while the secretary calls the classroom teacher, who will send someone to escort the child to the classroom. Students in grades 1-5 will be given a tardy sheet and sent to their classroom. Parents are not allowed to walk their students to the classroom.

Picking Up Early

If your child needs to be dismissed early (during school hours), you must write a note to the teacher and to the school office. Please note what time you will pick up the child and whether the child will be returning to school. You must come into the office to collect your child; children will not be allowed to wait outside. If someone other than a parent is doing the pickup, that person must show proper identification.


If your child is absent, please call the school at 781-316-3298 and leave a message with your child’s name, grade and teacher, and reason for absence. If you know in advance that your child will be absent, please email or send a note to the teacher. When your child returns to school, please send a note including your name, the child’s name, and the reason for absence. Only absences for illness and family emergencies are considered excused absences.

If your child is marked as absent, you will receive a call from the ALERTNOW notification system around 8:45 AM ONLY if you have not called into the absentee line.

Notification Services

The ALERTNOW system notifies you about your child’s absences and important information such as early dismissals and snow days. Absence calls are made around 8:45 AM, messages about early dismissals begin around 6:00 PM, and messages about school delays and closings will go out the night before or between 5:30-6:30 AM.

Dropoff Areas and Parking

The dropoff areas are in the circle near the front door and in the parking lot accessible from Newland Road. Drivers must remain in their vehicles; if you need to walk your child to the playground, please park in a legal parking spot on one of the surrounding streets. Please do not block neighbors’ driveways!

During dropoff and pickup times, please treat Blossom Street as one-way from Park Ave. Ext. to Newland Road, and treat Newland Road as one-way from Blossom Street to Summer Street.

Crosswalk Flags

Crosswalk Flags are available at some crosswalks near Peirce Elementary. Flags are available in containers on each side of the crosswalk and increase the visibility of pedestrians with the goal of increasing their safety in the crosswalk.