Great Things Happening at Peirce

I thought it might be a nice time to share some great learning moments I have seen here at Peirce recently:

Kindergarten – students playing math games in groups, working together, and learning about numbers.

First Grade – students breaking apart big numbers into 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, in order to understand their value.

Second Grade – math centers using iPads, dice, ping pong balls, and game boards to add and subtract large numbers and TIME (that’s tricky!!)

Third Grade – students working on math strategies, and looking over their work and identifying their best work, reflecting on what made it their best.

Fourth Grade – students working in groups to discuss and identify character traits, and finding evidence to support their decision.

Fifth Grade – working in pairs to discuss word problems, and best strategies for solving those problems.

In art, 4th grade students are learning about pottery styles and ‘pinch pots’.

In music, students are learning types of music, and of course, new songs.

In gym, students are leaning about sports and nutrition (ask your 2nd grader about the food groups)

In library, students are browsing books and listening to stories that tie into their curriculum, like the 3rd grade making Pilgrim and Native American puppets after listening to historical fiction.

We are very busy and productive every day!!!

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