An Update for November

Hi Families!

It was great to see so many of you at the Micheal Thompson presentation on the 21st.  I hope you took away as much insight and advice as I did.  If you missed it, I recommend reading any of his books.  He has a lot to share about the social development of children.  A few things I took away:

It is ok to raise our expectations for independence in our children.  In other cultures, such as Japan, students in Kindergarten go on overnight field trips with their teachers.  They also successfully navigate the subway system at this age.

Children learn a lot of their social skills in school.  Support your child’s teacher(s) in helping them learn how to navigate in a social world on their own.

Let them play!  Playing is their job, it’s their work.  It doesn’t have to be structured all the time.

We also just had an assembly called “The Power Of One” on Wednesday.  Ask your child to share the clear message – bullying is not ok, and if you see it, you ‘HAVE TO TELL A TEACHER!!!!”  If they yell that part, that’s because that was how we said it!

Tomorrow (Friday) is our Peirce Pride assembly for ‘Perseverance’, as well as our kick off for the Peirce Savings Bank.

Oh yes, and we’re still reading, writing, and doing math every single day!

Happy Fall!!!

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