I had originally wanted to collect some examples of academics to share with you this week, but instead I got wrapped up in some of the amazingly adorable things I have seen here at Peirce lately.

In Kindergarten, I joined the kids as they worked on some ocean study. One little boy mentioned that he would like to be an octopus.  Naturally, I had to ask, “What would you do with all those arms?”

“I would hold all my babies.” he replied.

In first grade, a little girl gave her teacher a plastic ring for her birthday.

In second grade, I saw a little boy take time out from playing to tie a classmate’s shoe.

In third grade, friends working together to find a student’s missing toy.

The 4th grade, as you probably know, has been putting in hours before and after school to raise money for the Alanna and Joshua fund.

In 5th grade, I saw a young man wave to his K buddy, who was frantically trying to get his attention – and made that little guy smile.

And of course, all of them did such a great job at the concert rehearsal.  These kids just could NOT be more adorable!!


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