Kicking off a Great Spring!

It seems the weather is finally catching up with the calendar, and spring has arrived!  The kids are able to go outside more often, which always makes learning easier.

As I’ve walked through the halls and classrooms, I’ve seen wonderful things; home-made instruments that produce sound (attached to a science unit), structures made of recycled materials, bridges built, neighborhoods designed, and lots of spectacular writing.  Stop and look at a bulletin board the next time you are here, there are great things going on!

Our 4th graders have been especially busy, they have worked with CBS Meteorologist Todd Gutner (you may be able to catch them on the CBS news website) and they are running a baseball store.  All proceeds go to ‘Pitching in for Kids”.  The store is open before school, come on in and shop!

We are in the last ten weeks of school, so we are already planning for next year.  Look for an email from me soon that will give you the line up of staff.  With the shifting in the co-taught program, we will be reducing staff, and I know you have questions.  I will get that out to you as soon as I can.

Enjoy the weather!!!

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