The New Common Core

Many of you may be hearing about the new curriculum standards, “The Common Core”.  Next year, we will be shifting away from the Massachusetts Standards and into the Common Core.  There will be some changes in your child’s curriculum, and I think it is for the better.

For those of you with iPads or smartphones, there is a great, free app called, simply, CmmonCore (no spaces if you want to look it up).  It is clear about the standards in English Language Arts and math at all grade levels.  With just a few taps, you can see what will be expected of your child next year in any grade level. 

Arlington has been preparing for the change, and adaptations have been made along the way.  The Common Core will be the national benchmark for students, as opposed to states determining their own.  Massachusetts was already well ahead of the game.

There is oodles of information on-line, but the important thing to remember is that we are ready for the transition.  Our school is ready for the change!


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