What’s Happening At Peirce

It is so nice to be in and out of our classrooms every day, and to see the rich learning experiences going on at all grade levels.  I love taking a minute to share some with you:

In Kindergarten, I’ve seen some great work with patterns, shapes, and colors, and using them to record data.  I’ve seen children build sentences, with the understanding that all sentences start with a capital letter.  Not too bad for November!

In 1st grade, I’ve seen some great story writing, complete with beginning, middle and end. I’ve seen them some tricky solve word problems in math.  I am very impressed!

In 2nd, I’ve seen some fantastic estimating going on, and strategies for counting large numbers.  I’ve also seen some really great story writing!

In third, I saw a math measurement activity that all 3rd graders participated in.  In small groups, they had to ‘launch a rocket’ (by blowing into a straw) and measure the distance.  AND they had to use a graph to record their group’s distances.  Boy, did we have fun!!!

In 4th, I saw reading groups that were a combination of small groups.  Some were reading independently, some were using Nooks or iPad, and I joined  a group reading “Stone Fox’.  One of my favorite books, and not to give away the ending, but keep some tissues ready! 

In 5th, I HAVE to mention Science Camp.  I made it down for a visit, and I learned that coniferous trees never grow back once they are cut, but deciduous trees do.  We saw an example of a tree that had been cut to a stump, but grew back, maybe as far back as 100 years ago!  And probably to clear the land for farming, even though now it is a forest.

And in library, I’m watching our students turn into authors, preparing to publish their final draft.

When you ask your child today, “What did you do in school?”, don’t settle for ‘nothing’.  They did plenty!

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