Summer Professional Development

Many of you noticed how busy the school was this summer.  It was as if our school year never stopped.  Not only did we host summer school, but we had several great professional development projects going on. Peirce teachers worked on “Think Tanks’, which are math challenge activities for students.  We also worked on “Number Talks” and “Zupelz”, also related to math enrichment, but are used for children of all abilities.

On top of that, many teachers took course in and out of district.  In 5th grade, there was training for ‘response clicker’, where students all respond anonymously to A,B,C,or D, so the teachers knows if the material is understood, and by what percent of the class.

Ms. Power and I took a hearty math class, I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the whole two weeks, but Ms. Power stuck it out like a trooper.  (I hadn’t had homework like that since, well, a LONG time ago).

You also may have notice all the early release days this year.  Those are also for professional development, in all academic and social/emotional areas.

We are DEFINITELY a learning community!!!


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