In Memory of Alanna DeMella

Today, the third grade classroom where Mrs. DeMella worked planted a beautiful ‘snow blossom weeping cherry’ tree in our front yard.  You will notice it next time you drive by, sitting to the left of the ‘Peirce School’ sign.  It is a beautiful little tree, currently in bloom.

Mrs. Schuette, mother of a student in that class, shared some lovely words from the heart, and all the students helped plant the tree with a scoopful of dirt.  The kids were excited and positive, promising to care for the tree.  One student mentioned that when they graduate, they can ask their younger siblings to care for it.  I thought that was a wonderful idea.

Thank you to Ms. Orrell for taking pictures of this moving event.

 I have let the family know of the tree, and they were in agreement that it was the perfect way to honor Alanna’s memory.

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