A Nice Compliment

I wanted to share a very nice compliment our students received last week.

Last Wednesday, an enrichment program called “Simply Circus” came to visit our 3rd and 5th graders, to help them further understand the ideas of simple machines, how they work, and how you can see them everywhere. (These are science and technology curriculum topics in those grades).  At the end of the day, the gentleman running the program asked to speak with me.  He wanted to share how impressed he had been with our children and staff.

He started by expressing how professional and friendly our custodian (Mr. Frank) had been upon arriving here.  He told me this is not always the case, he is often treated as an inconvenience.

He then went on to say how attentive, excited, and enthusiastic our students were.  Above all, he loved the level of cooperation he saw in our kids; their words of encouragement to each other, their cohesiveness, and overall kindness to one another.   He said he visited over 40 schools a year, and Peirce by far exceeds others in that area.

I was very proud to share with him the fact that we are an inclusive school, and in the four separate classes, he could not tell the difference.  I was very happy to hear this, as we know that in a good inclusion class, everyone is included, and everyone belongs.

He went on to praise our teachers, and how well they conducted and participated in the circus.  He said there was a culture here that was “amazing”.  As you can imagine, I was proud and thankful for his feedback, but I wasn’t all that surprised.  I know how hard the teachers and parents in this school work to promote a happy environment where children can thrive.  I am lucky to work with such great people!  Good work everyone!

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