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After recent Advisory Council, PTO and redistricting meetings, I wanted to answer some questions that seem to come up repeatedly.  I hope this is helpful in clarifying some issues:

Q1) Is Peirce going to house all the elementary special education programs for Arlington after redistricting?

The answer is no, Peirce already has two.  We have our co-taught, inclusion program in one classroom at each grade, and we are housing a SLC – A program during the Thompson rebuild.  There are no plans to add another program.

Q2) Does Peirce have the all elementary special education programs housed here?

No, almost every other elementary school in Arlington houses one or more special education programs.  If they do not it is because they do not have any space.

Q3) Are inclusion students sent here because they were a behavior problem at their home school?

No, there is a special program for students with severe behavioral problems housed in another school. 

Q4) Are the majority of students in the inclusion program children with special needs?

No.  Inclusion students who are here from other schools make up 11% of our total population.  And they are all fabulous, contributing members of our school.


I hope this helps to clear up any misinformation you have been hearing.  As always, you can contact your child’s classroom teacher(s) with questions or concerns.  They know what is going on inside the classrooms better than anyone else, and they are eager to share their expertise!

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