What’s New at Peirce

I hope the holiday season is going well for all of you.  This time of year can feel hectic, so it might help to know that things are going great here at Peirce!

Last week, I watched first graders learning about weather, and sharing some great ideas.  I learned that many of them are Shel Silverstein fans!

This week, I observed second graders working on some difficult math concepts, regarding area.  When they were asked about a math game they know, called “Guess My Rule”, many students remarked that it was a game they play to ‘discuss the characteristics of a shape’.  Characteristics???  That’s impressive for second grade!!!

In third grade, I joined a science lesson on comets.  The students were nice enough to explain to me that they are not stars (even though people call them shooting stars) and they are made of dust, ice, and gas. I wish I could have stayed long enough to make one with styrofoam and glitter!

Things here at school are running smoothly.  It is nice to walk into a room and feel so welcome, and to see the teachers and students acting so kindly towards each other.  We are so lucky to have such a great community!!!

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