MCAS Scores Arriving This Week.

Hi families,

It’s that time again, when the results of high-stakes testing arrive and make us all wonder two things; what we did right, and what we did wrong.

MCAS is an important tool in reviewing our students’ learning and our own instructions.  However, it is not the ultimate snapshot of a student’s success in school.  Teachers know a whole lot more about your children that the MCAS system ever will.

It is normal to be pleasantly surprised by good results, even if you don’t believe in high- stakes testing.  It is also normal to be disappointed by lower than expected scores.  If that is what you are feeling now, it is ok (and encouraged) for you to contact this year’s and last year’s teachers to discuss you concerns.  There are many reasons why a child may struggle on the MCAS, and there are many supports and solutions we can try to intervene.

You can visit the Department of Education website to take a look at some of the test questions (I am a big fan of the question of the day). And remember, the MCAS is just one part of a bigger picture of your child.



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