Off To A Great Start!

Now that we’ve got a few full weeks under our belt, it’s starting to feel like a routine again – just where we left off in June, but a little fresher!

I’ve been checking in with the children, asking how their summer was, and most are happy to be back to school.  I think all our parents are happy we’re back!

The most positive feedback I’ve recieved from the students  is regarding the longer lunch period.  We’ve extended the period by 10 minutes, in order to give the kids more time to eat and then play.  In the shorter period (30 minute), students found that by the time they get through the lunch line, they had only a few minutes to eat before the next class would be entering the cafeteria. The lunch ladies had to hurry them along so they could clean and sanitize the tables for the next crew.  now that we’ve extended the time, I’ve had reports like ‘I can eat my whole pizza now!” and “it feels way longer”.  Several students just give it a thumbs up.

In classrooms, kids are off to a busy start.  One 5th grader leaving the computer lab told me, “that was fun, but really hard!”  It is great to hear that students are being challenged, and enjoying it.

Curriculum afternoon is tomorrow, so I know we will see many of you here.  I hope this school year has started as well for all of you!


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