Thank you voters!

I am sure you are all aware that the override passed last week, and the question now is, what did that mean for Peirce?  First and foremost, NONE of our teachers will be bumped out due to job losses in other schools.  This was very good news.

Physical Education will be restored to twice a week for all grades K-5 across the district.  (Art and Music had already been funded at once a week in grades K-5)
Peirce will retain all 12 current classrooms, with one additional program being added, giving us 13 classes in total.  This program is self-contained, and will not add additional students to any other classroom.  It is being sent over from the Stratton School in order to make room for a Thompson classroom.  It will be located in the current reading room.  The reading room will be moved to the science room for the time being.

As always, class sizes next year will change over the summer, but as of now, our class sizes range from 21 to 27 students, with Kindergarten currently at 24 and 25.

 We are hoping to have the teacher assignments and class lists to you within a few weeks.

Thank you to all of you, especially those of you who worked so hard for ‘Yes For Arlington”.  It was a vote for the future of our children. I am so proud to work here in Arlington!

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