March Madness!

If you feel like this has been a tough month, you are not alone!  A Kindergartener tugged my coat  today, and said “Can’t it be April already?”  I couldn’t have said it better.

We are all longing for a spring that seems to be hiding from us.  The kids need fresh air and exercise that they aren’t getting.  The MCAS are upon us, and they seem tougher this year with tighter staffing (I’ve been proctoring students myself and leaving Margy alone to man the office).  Next year things will be even tighter, and the budget issues feel very daunting.  It’s hard to focus on the positives, but we do!

The second graders are practicing their “Integrity” song for Friday’s assembly.  The 3rd grade is busy writing some amazing narratives.  Outside before school, I noticed many students of all ages lined up to “shoot some hoops” at the basketball net – standing in line, taking turns, being fair – with no adult help.  That was so nice to see!

Spring weather is on the way, the snow will stop, and vacation will be here before we know it!

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