What’s happening in the Arlington Public Schools

Many of you have asked about the teacher’s union, and what if any job actions they are taking.  You can go to the Arlington Educators’ Association website http://arlington.massteacher.org/ for more information.

Here at Peirce, we have had some exciting changes.  June Smith, formerly our Learning Center Teacher, has returned to that position.  Alicia Coletti, an aide here in the building for the last two school years, is taking on the role as classroom teacher in that second grade classroom, to keep the co-teaching model intact.  This is allowing us to better service our children school-wide.  We are very happy about the changes.

While most of the talk is about budget these days, causing stress levels to rise, it’s important to share the positive things that are happening here everyday.  For example, many classes celebrated reading yesterday on Dr. Suess’ birthday.  First grade is learning about nouns!  Second grade is beginning a great moon unit (do you know what a waning gibbous is?) and 5th graders are mastering the moon phases on an impressive level. 

The weather is getting warmer, the days are longer, and spring is on the way! We have a lot to be happy about!

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