Morning Routine

Now that winter has made itself known, it’s a good time to review the morning routine.  The ‘Drop and Roll’ system seems to be running well – so long as everyone is following the rules!  The other part of the routine includes all the walkers too.  We need to tighten up the system so that children are properly supervised.

1) Drop off time for all children, unless they are in Playcare, is 8:00am.  There is no supervision before then.  The Metco bus arrives around 7:40, and those children have a supervisor until 8, but other children are not supposed to be in the cafeteria at that time.  We are finding that 10-20 children are coming in at that time, and it can get a little crazy.

2) No one should be in the gym before 8, regardless of the weather.

3)If it is warmer than 20 degrees, (wind chill factored in) and seems safe to play outside, we plan on being outside for the 8:00 to 8:10 drop off time.  Please dress your children appropriately.

4) Often, a good-hearted adult will offer to take a small group of kids inside, but I do discourage this, as it leads to confusion for other families as to where to leave their children.

Thank you to all of you who pitch in and help the routine work well every day.  It’s so nice to see so many moms and dads out back every morning, and how you all treat every child as you would your own!  You’re the best!

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