So, how’s it going?

It’s a few hours before open house, which is our time to get together, see the rooms, and ask each other how it’s going.  Despite deep cuts to our staffing and resources, I’d have to say it’s going pretty well.

These last few  weeks, I got into almost all the classrooms for a good chunk of time.  The learning that is happening here is so impressive.  In fourth grade, I got to see a math lesson that was a whole-class lesson to start with.  It was a great lesson on estimation.  I was impressed with the level of participation and knowledgable conversation that happened between teachers and students.  Then, as they worked independently, they got the chance to work with one of the teachers in a small group.  Although the small group lesson was based on one activity, it was modified for each group’s needs, so that it ranged from an addition and subtraction review for some, and a multiplication and division challenge for others.

In third grade, I saw another great estimation lesson using decorative corn cobs.  Those children had to work cooperatively in a group – and they did!

Today, I saw a great lesson in kindergarten about the letter g.  They are reading and writing up a storm – pretty impressive for a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds!

I hope when you children come home, they aren’t saying ‘nothing’ when you ask what they are doing in school.  They are doing A LOT!

If you make it to open house, you’ll get to see it first hand.  Hope I see you tonight!

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