MCAS reports for parents

Hi Peirce Families!

Welcome to my first post.  I plan on sending weekly (or more often as issues arise) posts here to keep you informed about the goings-on here at Peirce.  Last year, when so much rumor and speculation prevailed regarding the budget, I wish I had been able to have such a venue for information.  Thanks to the massive efforts of our PTO members, old and new, (thank you, thank you) and especially David Rodger (who literally had to walk me through it) we are up and running!

I received this email today and thought it would be helpful to pass it along immediately.  MCAS results will be mailed to your home soon, so it would be nice to gain some understanding about the latest trend.

From the Department of Education:

Good morning everyone,
For the first time ever, this year’s MCAS Parent Reports will include growth model data. We recognize that this is a new, and somewhat confusing system, that may leave many parents with questions. To help address that need we have developed an online tutorial geared specifically for parents. The tutorial is in Powerpoint format with audio, but requires no special software to use. I would encourage you to post this on your school and district websites, present it to your school committees and distribute as widely as possible to ensure that parents and other members of your communities understand what the growth model represents. The tutorial is posted at
Please note that we have other growth model resources posted at, including a Powerpoint presentation for districts to use with constituent groups, a Frequently Asked Questions document and an interpretive guide for educators.
I hope this information is helpful to you, your educators and your parents.

We are off to a great start this week, which I think indicates we are in for a great year!


Karen Hartley

Peirce Principal

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