Contact information may be used for school business only.


Principal Ms. Karen Hartley, (781) 316-3737
Secretary Ms. Pat Costa, (781) 316-3736
Nurse Mrs. Cara Dalton, (781) 316-3738
Custodians Mr. Frank Frankelton, Mr. Walter Bedell; (781) 316-3741



Room 115 Mrs. Tara Lamont Class blog, web site
Ms. Patricia Muench, teaching assistant
Room 118 Mrs. Colleen Lloyd Class blog,
teacher Twitter page, class Twitter page, class YouTube channel
Mrs. Erin Lundberg, teaching assistant (on maternity leave)
Mr. Matthew Kelsey, teaching assistant
Special Education Teacher Mrs. Patricia Lynch

Grade One

Room 218 Mrs. Daniela Hurley Class web site
Room 219 Mrs. Marybeth Wall Class web site
Special Education Teacher Mrs. Patricia Lynch
Teaching Assistant Ms. Mary-Anne Proch-Wilson

Grade Two

Room 209 Mrs. Allison Manning Class Twitter page
Room 212 Ms. Alicia Coletti Class web site
Special Education Teacher Mrs. Patricia Lynch
Teaching Assistant Ms. Melissa Moore

Grade Three

Room 318 Ms. Crystal Power
Room 319 Mrs. Eva Kennedy Class web site
Special Education Teacher Ms. Meredith Healey

Grade Four

Room 309 Miss Carolyn Burke Class web site
Miss Jessica Sannella, teaching assistant
Room 311 Mrs. Nicole Hayes Class web site
Special Education Teacher Mrs. Kelsey McKenzie

Grade Five

Room 312 Mrs. Christina Perkoski
Ms. Laura Goodbody (on maternity leave)
Mr. Matthew Kelsey
Room 317 Miss Heather Dooley
Miss Maureen Montgomery
Mrs. Janice Powers, teaching assistant

Special Subject Areas

Art Ms. Deborah Chisholm PeirceArts blog
Library Mrs. “T” Jane Torregrossa
Physical Education Mr. Matt Morrison
Music Ms. Gina Esile-Sylva
Brass and Woodwinds Ms. Paula Piepman
Strings Ms. Jing-Huey Wei

Support Staff

Cafeteria Ms. MaryAnn O’Brien
Ms. Patricia Muench
Ms. Rose Murphy
Ms. Deborah Robbins
Ms. Karen Shaw
Ms. Doris Tirico
English Language Learners Ms. Laura Goldstein
Learning Center Teacher Mrs. June Smith
Math Coach Ms. Nadine Solomon
METCO Supervisor Ms. Patricia Ballard
Occupational and Physical Therapy Ms. Bettina “Tina” Beckman
Psychologist Ms. Alison Caruso
Reading Coaches Ms. Jacque Aureli
Ms. Evelyn DeRosa
Ms. Cheryl Lowenthal
Social Worker Ms. Deb Murray
Speech/Language Ms. Liz Novak
Team Chair Ms. Stephanie Greiner